Weightlifting Shoes

Traction, safety, rigidity and comfort- nothing to compromise with a weightlifting shoe. Most of the beginners make mistake there.

They usually unintentionally forget how to select the shoe that synchronizes all A feeling of discomfort right at the moment of lifting barbell above your should is enough to bring disaster. You cannot take a risk of that, do you? Let’s think about these best weightlifting shoes therefore.


TOP 5 Weightlifting Shoes For Mens

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Adidas Performance Adipower Weightlifting Trainer Shoe

Adipower_Weightlifting_Trainer_ShoeThese shoes are for those who want to be a pro or expert. To become the best weightlifting shoe it employs an engineered specific design for weight lifting under extreme loads. They have a leather upper with a mesh tongue and collar for comfort and a power strap across the laces to lock down your foot.

Design & Performance:

You get a heel-drop of three-quarter inch that will help you to increase the load and to improve lifts. The engineered chassis for Weightlifting with the lightweight polymer relieves you from the anxiety for structured strength.

The adjustable “hook-and-loop” instep strapping ensures your rearfoot integrity. Besides the regular performance specs, its design is ambient, aesthetically beautiful three available sporty color combination. Adipowers is engineered with keeping the user’s weight in mind. Lightweight material of the premium-grade conforms to the build.

The breathable upper mesh provides flexibility and relaxes for power squatting. You will find many of the weightlifting shoes fail to do that.


Safety and Comfort:

To aid the best lifting, its sole is made flat entirely and it’s sufficiently wide to comfort you.

The weight is uniformly absorbed from the feet. The flat design keeps the legs and body stable during lifting.
The VentFlow openings in its outsole are great for comfort
Striking feature for safety and comfort is that if you’ve ever suffered from a knee injuries or pain after a heavy lifting session. Because it absorbs the weight and balances in such a way that never let any shock to impact on your knee or joints.


The only this is it’s designed exclusively for weightlifting. So users stated that walking is hard with this pair. Well, it’s exclusively for weightlifting, if that purpose is served to you with your full satisfaction, will you really think that drawback as a major or remarkable issue?
Overall, this is the best partner for your dedication about improving your performance and lifting fitness.

Pendlay Do-Win Crossfit Weightlifting Shoes


A remarkable change to this shoe is its sole design. It presents a more strong and flexible shoe with the single sole design. Though it has a dramatically changed look, but you get the same Do-Win fitting with its wider style for what people prefer this brand as the best weightlifting shoes.

Design & Performance:

The Olympian’s preference, i.e ¾ inch heel and other features are at your hand. Do you need anything more? If only weightlifting is what you want, then your answer is no! Origin leather has the heavy duty nylon mesh all over.
The remarkably changed that surprised the users is its sole design. See that it has a single sole design all over. But it has been done to yield incredible strength and flexibility.

Have a look at the image, the shoe is now strikingly more strong and stable with that engineered single sole design with as usual the wider style with Down fit design.


Safety and Comfort:

The single-sole design with the Olympic size heel supports your feet and body perfectly by balancing your weight uniformly over the engineered single sole and the heel provides you the ground support for exerting the extreme you on the load.
The all over nylon mesh is placed exactly at the calculated points from where your feet need flexibility.



This is not available in multiple colors. Only three color variations are available. It’s design exclusively, so you may find this not so much walking and jogging friendly.

VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoe

VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoe


It is of tremendous utility for the people who are 5’9” tall and more. Taller people usually face trouble in balancing while weight lifting and specially squatting without lifting their legs. This has made a revolutionary solution to those issues. Enhance your skill with this pair.


Safety and Comfort

The two supporting straps over the laces and customized heel cup ensure the proper fit and safety from tripping or other imbalances with the engineered sole design.
The leather is processed to comfort you while in vigorous lifting or squatting.
Other than the regular weightlifting specs, it has the leather reinforced flat rubber sole.



It can provide maximum support for 6-8 months if you choose to lift 3-4 times a week.
Another thing is inevitably it’s not of so good in aesthetics, but you want people to look at you, not at your shoes.

Nike Romaleos Weightlifting Shoes

This is the successor to NIKE ROMALEOS 1 that was a tremendous release for the Beijing Olympic 2008. This is an improved and revised edition, that’s why it has reduced 50 grams of weight from the predecessor.
Romaleos 1 was a tremendous success for NIKE except complains regarding its high price and weight. But now it’s ok with this.

Nike Romaleos Weightlifting Shoes

Design and Performance

This shoe is made of reasonably supple, synthetic leather. It doesn’t long to break it for convenience of use.
The base of NIKE ROMALEOS is formed of convenient plastic which supports your feet and weight by expanding upward, to a complete heel cup.

There is the contouring, perhaps due to that 50 grams trimming off.
Just like the typical high-end weightlifting shoes, this pair has the traditional wooden heel with a TPU edge which is contoured.

The shoe has two metatarsal straps provided with a metal cuffs at their ends to protect you from fraying the straps from wearing or tearing.

Safety & Comfort

With regular safety, this shoe has a good inner fitting structure. And the sole is flat enough to hold you safe during the weightlifting.
For fitting your heel, NIKE supplies two sets of insoles with this pair. The standard heel size is 1.9 cm or 0.75 inches. To adjust more for a greater height, you can use those insoles. One of those set is soft, recommended for using in the training and the other is hard, for competing.

Your tendons are secured by its elastics added to the top as they flex sensibly with your movement and posture.

The contoured, heel wedge cups your heel and secures it to a comfortable fit.



Obviously the first one is about the high price. But you know the better the product is, the higher can be the price.
By the way, just expending for one time secures you for a longer time due to its durability.
The next thing is metatarsal straps. They seem to be excessively longer by inches. Though it doesn’t seem like that when someone buys it, when it’s fitted and lifting is on progress, it seems to get between the floor and the sole. That really looks threatening of falling with weight! Better get that customized through cutting by an expert.

Inov-8 335 and 370

This is the leader of the next generation best weightlifting shoes. That comes with BOA closure system that provides maximum safety so far and stability so that you can fully concentrate into your lifting and squats.

Design & Performance:

The most outstanding feature that draws eye is its lacing system. Like the snowboards, it deploys a Boa click. You see the dials here, tightening is to be done by twisting them. First twist that on the tongue and then that on the side.

Each click for twisting tightens by 1 mm. So, is there anything which can be more precise than this one? Question yourself, because you need the best feet. You need to concentrate only into the weightlifting, don’t you?

This pair is best for mixed weightlifting exercises like regular weightlifting, squats, clean and jerk, snatch, thrusters etc. Its power truss is designed to let you enter outside the dynamic workouts too.

Like its predecessors, its upper is made of synthetics and cylindrical tubes made up the power truss. The upper part is made mesh like fabric and the synthetic laminates. The upper gets more rigid with the laminates as they are attached with glue to it. But no way, you will feel restrictive, it’s engineered in such a way.

weightlifting shoes_reviews

Safety and Comfort:

Using Boa®, an industry leader in closure system manufacturing, this shoe gives a precise fit. It gives you a smooth and even closure without any unwanted pressure points.

Boasting of its unparalleled character in structural ability, it has Boa®Closure which is a stretch free system. It allows the athletes with functional fitness to transfer power absolutely.

Weightlifting Shoes For Womens

Women’s feet are different than men’s. Women are more prone to bone decay than men. So this is a serious issue to select weightlifting shoe for women as they have to undergo heavy loads that pressurizes their bones.
Also the size and shape of women’s feet are to be kept in good form, so their shoe matters in weightlifting. So, finding the best weightlifting shoes for women is a bit tricky. Here we have sorted out through our market and technical research what are best for women for weightlifting.



TOP 5 Weightlifting Shoes For Womens

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Inov-8 Women's Fastlift 335 Weight-Lifting Shoe44.770+inov8_logo

Pendlay Do-Win powerlifting shoes

Pendlay_Do-Win_powerlifting_shoesOlympic weightlifting master mind Glenn Pendlay brought this brand into the market solely on the purpose for weightlifting. The brand Pendlay is dedicated only to help weightlifting, so whatever you want regarding weightlifting, this never disappoints. The shoes Pendlay make for women are undoubtedly the best weightlifting shoes for women.

Design & Performance:

A revolutionary change has been brought in this shoe about its single sole design. Now you have got a stronger and flexible shoe with the single sole design which is salient for a weightlifting shoe.

This single flat sole with some calculated cuts at the rear foot zone is best to give you rigidity at at the same some elasticity in movement during weightlifting. This is one of the striking things those back it in being the best weightlifting shoes for women.
Though it’s of dramatically changed look, there is the same Do-Win fitting with its wider style. The shoe is now strikingly stronger and stable with that engineered single sole design with as usual the wider style with Do win fit design.
The best heel for weightlifting is the Olympic standard ¾ inch heel has been constructed here.

Safety & Comfort:

As mentioned already, the single sole design with the Olympic size heel supports your feet and body perfectly by balancing your weight uniformly over the engineered single sole and the heel provides you the ground support for exerting the extreme you on the load.

The all over nylon mesh is placed exactly at the correct regions where your feet need flexibility. The mesh is designed to keep your feet dry and cool even under extreme load conditions.
This is not manufactured with multiple color and design. The more important drawback is its design being solely engineered for weightlifting. So this won’t help you in other workout or running/jogging.

Reebok Women’s Lifter 2.0 Weight-Lifting Shoe

This is a combo of weightlifting and crossFit training. This has been most for women who love both weightlifting and crossFit workouts.

This is the best choice for you if you are intended to do more lifting at the gym along with vigorous crossFit training. This is because the stability you get here is unparallel as suggested by The RXReview.

Design & Performance:

Reebok Women’s Lifter 2.0 Weight-Lifting Shoe is with a ¾ inch heel that sufficiently receives the load to let you go deeper in squats and keeps you comfortable to lift the loads.
Hook and loop strap, keeps you in firm stability and be sure to get quick response from it while lifting loads and in movements. And the flat sole required for good lifting comes with more grips.

Since it is women’s shoe, Reebok had to response to the anatomy of women’s feet. So the designers were intended to make it more flexible, and this has made it indispensable member of the best weightlifting shoes for women list.
So it has been constructed following light weight 3D frame construction. This makes the shoe sturdy but keeps enough room for flexibility that never hurts.

Safety & Comfort

The heel clip that has been employed here grips your feet securely. Thus it helps to remove excess weight.
Anti-friction lining of this shoe reduces moisture and the heat that builds up inside to keep feet fresh and cool plus the breathable mesh ventilates particularly through some regions to remove maximum heat from your feet so that they stay with maximum freshness and coolness.
U-Form mid-foot wrap which is heat activated, molds to your feet for a standard fit. This is without any break-in period.

And the high abrasion rubber outsole which is researched and designed by Reebok specialists is enough to increase the durability and provide necessary traction.


The strap works best for lifting but may be felt as hindrance during other activities.

Women’s Powerlift.2 W Weightlifting Trainer Shoe


Adidas never makes upset for any kind of category or specification you need for your fitness, may you be a man or woman. Adidas has been researching long since for a weightlifting shoe that is perfect for women and finally came out this excellent result.

Design and Performance:

What is called weight lifting engineering for women? Here is the answer. Women need a better lightweight stability from their shoes and Adidas uses a die cut wedge has been introduced in the midsole zone for that reason.
Stability in the outsole is much more important while lifting up a load, especially when working with barbell, lifting is on progress. So the designers have employed a perfect flat profiled rigid outsole.

Adidas understands the superiority of synthetic leather over others in being a material for weightlifting shoes. This has given a better lightweight stability, durability and support.

The heel clip is engineered to hold you steady while lifting is on progress. This one is exceptional here as the load gradually increases on your heel while lifting becomes highest when you hold the peak. That is fully taken care of by this. Due to these anatomical and engineering senses, Adidas has become the brand for the best weightlifting shoes for women.

Safety & Comfort

Added with the required grips, the flattened sole that produces outside is to widen the range of load distribution so that you may stay at ease while lifting.

The air mesh and air vents at the front and laterals will ensure maximum breathability to ensure your feet remain free from odor and sweating.

Inov-8 Women’s Fastlift 335 Weight-Lifting Shoe

ino- 8_shoes
Inov8 Women’s Fast Lift 335 Lifting Shoe sets you up for your best set of reps ever. It emerges with BOA closure system. This system provides maximum safety and stability thus enables you to concentrate fully into lifting and squatting.

Design & Performance

This pair is best for mixed weightlifting exercises like regular weightlifting, squats, clean and jerk, snatch, thrusters etc. The power truss is designed so that you can enter outside the dynamic workouts too.

Cylindrical tubes makes up the power truss. The upper part is made of mesh like fabric and synthetic laminates. The upper gets more rigid with the laminates as they are attached with glue to it. But no way, you will feel restrictive; it’s engineered in such a way.

The strong grip at middle section is with a firm strap that still hosts movements in the toes and lower areas. This does a good job by letting the lifters react quickly as per their needs at any instances.

The FastLift 335 has a 0.75 inches heel drop that increases the ankle range and helps to maintain an upright torso during lifting.

The wide-TPU sole has been reinforced with grippy rubber to aid in your other bodyweight movements like box jumps.

Safety & Comfort:

Only 335 grams weight of this shoe is like hugging your feet softly. The customized and systematically designed external heel cage gears up the foot.

With all usual safety and comfort system like breathable air mesh lining, this pair has an extra outside wedge support.

When you will stand, you will feel you feet are flattened over the extra outside edge support. This is particularly beneficial while lifting the weight. The load won’t be exerted on your knees rather will be taken care of by that outside edge. This utility has made many users made admit that this has been the leader in their list of best weightlifting shoes for women.


Nylon ripstop upper with lightweight welded synthetic overlays make it more comfortable and durable.
The adjustable hook-and –loop instep strap gives you a secure fit.


So far only one complain has been received and it’s about the price. But this shoe is perfect for weightlifting and no complains regarding quality issue has been found. So the price won’t create a serious dent in your purse.

Women’s Crossfit Lite TR Training Shoe

Usually people don’t want to believe it as a good weightlifting shoe at the first look. But those who bought just wondered when they experience a better lifting with this shoe. Remember, this is not a converse. Otherwise it wouldn’t be here in this heavy lifting list.

Chris Duffin, a professional power lifter and holder of several world records even swayed towards it. He considers this a good partner in his fitness training. So be sure you are going to read about a weightlifting shoe, not a fancy converse.

Design & Performance:

The heel clip responses in a superior way to help you lift your load while high abrasion outsole of rubber with small gripping teeth helps stability even on court surface with excellent traction.

For medium lifting shoes, carbon rubber heel works well to provide traction and stability. The same thing has been applied here to support the rear foot. This is one of the big X-factor for what you cannot merge it with converse or light shoes.

And with the usual lace-up system, it confirms a dialed up fit.

Safety &Comfort:

Many of you may think to use an extra insole, but this not needed in practice.

It has got padded sock liner that cushions and arch support that will keep your feet in comfort and shape while lifting is on progress. So there is no need to add extra insole.
But remember, this shoe is best for medium weightlifting. That means it’s best for lifting for fitness. So if you are practicing lifting for your fitness, this is perhaps your no. 1 choice in the list of best weightlifting shoes for women.



Some complains have been received regarding the fit of this pair. They said it’s a bit wider to fit in properly. Ordering a half size can work for that.