A Complete Guide To Choose The Best CrossFit Shoes

Are you sure you will dedicate your time and efforts for CrossFit workouts? If you are, then you might have come up with a particular level of endurance and strength, right? Try to understand how strong you are, how much you can endure, how flexible your limbs are and how much intensity you can use. These factors are quintessential since they will shape your choice for a CrossFit shoe.

What to do when you are just a beginner?


If you are a first-timer in the CrossFit scenario, you are likely to suffer from your lack in the required flexibility that is essential to perform clean, snatch and dead lift properly and suitably. For most people, shoes with a little elevated heel should be given top priority. In general, it is not easy to catch a clear view on how you connect to the ground when you do heavy lifting. Your shoe should ideally give you a solid and strong feel during your efforts to lift a lot of weight. Do not just stick to the shoes that could give you only an unpredictable and squishy feel.

As you are on the lookout of the best CrossFit shoe, you must seek supportive features in your pair. So, ask the following questions to yourself before you pay:

  • Do I run on my feet balls or heel-to-toe?
  • Do I really need ankle support to stay away from unexpected injuries?
  • Do I really need support for my arches?


When it comes to your needs for additional supports, answers to the above questions will be some highly relevant factors to help you decide.

How to Choose the Best Shoes for CrossFit


Prior to getting started with the choice of the best cross training shoes for men or women, the very initial thing that one must understand is that this workout program involves various types of physical movements and activities. If you are a runner and trying to find the best training shoes, you should remember that you want specific demands to be met by your shoes for your singular activity. On the other hand, if you are a tennis player and need pair of sports shoes for men, you should keep your sporting demands in mind. A pair of standard tennis shoes will typically come with an elevated heel while providing a lot of cushioning inside them. Similarly, other dedicated sportsmen will look for shoes that meet their specific demands.

Specific demands to be addressed:


As a CrossFitter, you are usually engaged in doing different sorts of physical activities which may include but not limited to running, jumping climbing, lifting, or skipping. Aside from these activities, some may be engaged in pushing or pulling. Regardless of what each activity specifically involves, there is one common aspect of these tasks which is the downward pressure that is felt by people through their feet. As such, a pair of shoes can be labeled as the best workout shoes when it can serve you across a wide variety of workout related activities.

Diverse aspects of workouts:

For weightlifting, you are in need of good CrossFit shoes which stabilize your weightlifting efforts. For other sorts of movements like burpees, plyo box jumps or sprints, your shoe needs to be flexible and light. But, it can be rather tricky to get a versatile CrossFit shoe. Because of this difficulty, some CrossFitters tend to prefer two different pairs of shoes which are combined for use on multiple types of workouts.

Men or women who want to buy CrossFit shoes have a wide variety of styles and shapes to choose from. Remember that which pair will best suit your demand actually depends on how you will use the shoes and what your body looks like. In fact, there are only a few differences between cross training shoes for women and those for men. The majority of differences are confined in designs and colors between styles. Fortunately, some brands offer unisex sizing. The Inov8s are just one of those brands.

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For a more deliberate decision, here is a comparative overview to help you with your search for the best CrossFit shoes. 

So, regardless of what you need; best workout shoes for men or women, the following six features must be considered at the outset.

  • Weight
  • Support
  • Flexibility
  • Durability
  • Heel-to-toe drop differentials
  • Breathability

Weight of CrossFit shoes:

As your workout plans may ideally include a lot of nimble and quick movements in jumping and running, a heavy shoe may worsen your efforts rather than helping you enjoy the workouts. Have you imagined making a box jump with a pair of heavy shoes that may fit like a lump of inanimate object holding your feet while putting you entirely off the game?  Probably, you will shiver from fear after getting out of the competition for which you took a lot of preparations. So, you should be mindful of the weight of your shoes. It should be lightweight so that you may feel having almost nothing under your knee.

An ideal choice of lightweight shoes can be the Reebok Nano 2.0 which is one of the best CrossFit shoes known especially for lightweight fabric.

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In most cases, CrossFit shoes are designed to be minimalist, and they should ideally provide the required level of support. While CrossFit shoes are known to offer every kind of support that your arches or heels require, the same idea cannot be attributed to CrossFit shoes for women that come of a minimalist variety.

Some workout shoes for men provide no supports at all. Vibram Five Fingers are one of them. These shoes are designed in a way that they work as a simple layer of long-felt protection between the ground and you.

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However, other shoes, such as the New Balance Minimus comes with a little more support and comfortable cushioning. But these shoes have also their downside. When you need ankle support, this may not be ideal for you. People with plantar fasciitis or flat heels will undoubtedly find these shoes good enough to offer above average supports.

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If you can achieve the maximum level of your foot mobility, chances are real that your CrossFit efforts will be crowned with success. For this, you obviously need a greater level of flexibility out of your shoes. A shoe that is less than flexible or quite inflexible will simply impede your running or jumping movements while reducing your training effectiveness to a significant extent.

You can consider the Nike Free 3 which has already got a big name in the lineup of best Cross training shoes because of its enhanced flexibility.

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Durability; the more extended, the better:


Light and airy, the best shoes for CrossFit should offer a flexible variety of motions and be capable of taking extreme pounding without losing the strength to go long distance. In fact, this is what requires the shoes to offer extended durability.

Ideally, a training shoe should balance the durability aspect with their flexible construction and lightweight, but this can be a very farfetched equation.

However, you need not worry much about the equation because the Reebok Nano 2.0 makes it happen. Its carbon rubber sole just balances the flexible construction of the shoe and durability for an extended period. Let’s take a look at Nano 2.0 which is easily one of the best women CrossFit shoes.

Heel-To-Toe Drop Differential:


The smaller the heel-to-toe drop chance, the luckier you will be to do your CrossFit works. The aspect is popularly referred to as the heel-to-toe differential or offset. The differential actually indicates the difference between the height of your heel and height of your forefoot. When it comes to CrossFit shoes, you should look for the ones that offer a zero differential. However, you can rely on shoes that offer close to zero heel-to-toe drop offset. This differential plays a crucial role in letting you feel close to the fact that you are in bare feet.

How can you determine?

Just have your feet into the shoe firmly. If you feel that your forefoot ball and the heel stay at exactly the same height off your ground, you can consider it as a zero drop shoe. The lower the differential of your heel-to-toe will be, the easier the task of landing on your midfoot becomes. It means that you have had stable and firm step. So, you can diminish the risk of undergoing different sorts of injuries including ones on your knee, feet, ankle and back.

As the barefoot shoes, the Vibram Five Fingers are considered by many CrossFitters as the finest ones just because of the above reason.

Looking beyond Vibrams:

Despite the unforgettable flexibility and zero heel-to-toe drop offset, Vibrams become less ideal to many athletes who prefer shoes that have extra padding on the soles. These shoes will feel sturdier across your foot top. Like some people, you may dislike the curious and peculiar appearance of a Five Fingers.

With the much required level of flexibility and lightweight advantage, the Inov8 F-Lite 195 can be an absolutely brilliant alternative to what we know as the Vibram barefoot shoe.

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The Merrell Bare Access shoe is another alternative that has earned good reputation as the shoe with a zero heel-to-toe drop calculation. Durability is also guaranteed. So, this shoe should be a perfect alternative to your once favorite Vibram Five Finger.

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Breathability to ensure the ultimate comfort:

Most athletes or sports individuals acknowledge that additional supports if complemented with breathability contribute a lot to the design of the best shoe for CrossFit. While many professional trainers will suggest that you need not be serious about breathability, you still need it to keep your feet as well as the body cool without allowing them to stink. For some reasons like safety and stability of feet inside the shoes, you should put emphasis on this feature.

During the toilsome workouts, you sweat a lot which, in turn, causes both of your feet to get wet and slip unevenly around inside the shoe. Isn’t it an annoyance or risk during box jumps or heavy lifts which may require you to go for rapid movements? However, you can compromise this aspect for the sake of additional supports by finding the right size for your feet so that you can minimize the occurrence of slips.

So far, you have gained the basics of CrossFit footwear. However, you may look around some cheap CrossFit shoes. So, do yourself a great favor by reading CrossFit shoes reviews which are exceedingly helpful.