Workout Shoes

You need specific supports for workout and crossfit trainings from your shoes doe to the specific movements which cannot be possible with ordinary shoes. Like they provide specific support, similarly they ensure the specific safety for the risks associated with the crossfit workout.

Here are some of the best workout shoes for men which are at the top of the satisfaction.


Nike_Men's_5.0 V6_Training_Shoe44.330+nike_logo
Inov-8 Men's Bare-XF™ 210 workout Shoes44.590+inov8_logo
ASICS_Men's_Cross-Training_Shoe54.2460+ASICS GEL-Craze TR 3
Vibram FiveFingers KMD Sport Shoe - Men's44.4260+Vibram_logo

Reebok Nano 5.0 Workout Shoes

Reebok continues to excel with its Nano series. You can see how Reebok is presenting the best workout shoes for men through the evolution of its Nano series.

Design & Performance:

The rubber sole and padding is designed for tremendously absorbing shock during box jumping, squatting and other jumping activities.
A common issue is losing energy while heavy exercise due to the shock on the body. Here this engineered padding retains your energy to tone your body and stamina better than other shoes. This is indeed a best workout shoe for men.

Inner RopePro helps in a better sensing and gripping the rope than before, especially while rope climbing after a session of hard core crossfit.

Its easy gripping will reduce the load from your body while rope climbing.
The tip of the toe box is constructed with a thick rubber and then emerges there the Kevlar material and gradually joins there the lightweight mesh top.
Such a toe box along with the Kevlar upper and comfortable tongue, burpee is just a matter of enjoyment and feeling the pride of your hidden stamina.
Its sole is flat and rigid. This is thus tremendous for weightlifting, wall ball and related static workouts.

Safety and Comfort:

Reebok has added an additional strap inside it that fixes your feet better and reduces the need if you have to move your feet around inside the shoe. You are now with a better security than before.
The Kevlar mesh has reduced the weight sufficiently to make you feel at home.
The remarkable and noticeable matter with the tongue is its system of air intake. It keeps your feet fresher and thus prevents your feet from stinking.
The reason behind its rocketing to the top list is the way it serves all round needs of crossfit exercise and the material quality. So if you are thinking of becoming the man you wanted to be, have it.

Nike Metcon 2 Men’s Training Shoe

Almost all of the guys, who are passionate about crossfit training and its shoes, must have taken part or heard of the hypes of METCON 1.
There were some questions arisen then, but those have been settled, and of course this will make you replace the previous one with more power under your feet.


The toe mesh is much improved now, along with this the much sticky rubber sole ads more traction. So you are free to enjoy your box jumping and other jumping exercise.

Similarly for this traction and the mesh exclusively engineered for this version, you can enjoy the sidewise moves too. The low profile, TPU heel’s clip reduces the drag during wall exercises to boost your power. You know power, i.e. the rate of doing exercise is the key to your fitness. Do you still have any doubt about this in being a leader in the good workout shoes for men?

One striking feature in this is that it employs plastic plating under the heel which produces outwards. This increases the efficiency of handstand push up.
Researchers have shown that the more the friction is removed during handstand push up, the more the efficiency results in.
The FlyWire technology and customized inside panel that is terrific in rope climbing.


Safety and Comfort:

METCON 2 has been made a bit wider and the seam has reinforced material around it. Thus it releases your tension of wearing and tearing off.
It has got impact cushioning to protect you during high intensity crossfits. Besides that, an extra padding above the heel cup takes away the extra load while heavy lifting.
METCON 2 is less arched and has been reinforced with improved polymer ensure a better safety and stability in random and sidewise movements.

Flexibility, breathability and durability- these were the inspiration for improvement in METCON 2 from its predecessor 1. And definitely when you have them, you will feel them.

New Balance Men’s MX20BS4 Cross Minimus Training Shoe

The full upper part is just one complete segment. It’s a pleasure with MX20BS4 that it has retained the material qualities of v3 which brought about a revolution in the market of best workout shoes for men.

Design & Performance:

New Balance MX20BS4 is a specialist to take you through any kinds of outdoor. It’s an all season shoe. The material is decided and designed to stand any kind of harsh weather and outdoor condition along with all regular features necessary for crossfit exercise and running outside.

Its toe box is wide. Its comfortable inner along with that space provides an excellent space to wiggle the toes. You know the importance of moving and wiggling toes, don’t you?

Free from the worry of the wearing off- yep dude! See here is the non-sew upper part, the one complete segment increases stability, strength and durability.

New Balance MX20BS4 is made to be beaten by nothing except the tornado! Raining? No problem! Need to beat the clouds? It’s researched and customized to be waterproof. So bring the fire out of rainy morning.
Before launching in the market, it was trialed in the water, dust, rain and mud; and the result is why it is rocking the market. We understand your passion for the fresh outside air to ignite you before a tough crossfit session.
Vibram rubber is an all-rounder in providing excellent, in repeat not average but excellent grip in both indoor and outdoor crossfit workouts. Mx20v4 has employed that.

Safety and Comfort:

The noticeable breath ability allows you to wear this pair without socks. Its mind-blowing flexibility gives you a real barefoot feeling during use. That’s terrific for a continuous workout.
Moreover, this shoe is made to be odor resistant. When you have opened it after a session, no need to worry then about whether anyone around may complain about how your sweat smells from the shoe.

Nike Men’s Free Trainer 5.0 V6 Training Shoe

Nike_Free_5.0 v6_workout_shoes
Like my first impression, you will feel truly that they are very lightweight and gentle to your feet. Nike developed this after its volunteers discovered the Stanford athletes training barefoot.

So while thinking of creating such a barefoot training shoe, NIKE has gone through a process ultimately yielding this all-rounder pair that does everything right from crossfits, weightlifting to running and styling.

Design & Performance:

This time, Nike has added the raised rubber sections enabling you to exert a truly fantastic grip on every surface.

Multi-directional movement, which is a challenge to the crossfit shoes to balance well, is now easy as the midsole have the flexible hexagonal pods.

The welded flex zones enable you in doing a wider range of moves of crossfit workouts. They help you tremendously in lifting.
Nike deploys the deep flex grooves in its outsole to let you work freely while the stability devices don’t bother you with restrictions for those grooves yet providing cushioning and shock absorption.

Safety and Comfort:

A ¾ inch length booty gives a seamless fit while the well breathable mesh keeps your feet well ventilated. This mesh becomes the difference to all other shoes during long distant running.


During the dynamic lateral crossfit works, FlyWire is there in place that wraps your feet and locks it place and you are ensured to enjoy your vigor.
A specialized internal support structure holds your feet in balance so that you may not trip or fall during any kind of bending or movements.
The upper being entirely no-sew, makes the shoe more durable for a longer period. A triple-layered plastic layer protects the toe over a longer time, and it’s also a part of its design.

Inov-8 Men’s Bare-XF™ 210 Cross-Training Shoe


Rigid synthetic materials like HDP mesh, hard non-friction cloth along with excellent rubber are all assembled and thus this shoe is made carefully. That’s how this pair is so comfortable and safe with the precise lightweight nature. Its features, rating and feedback turned it immensely into one of the good workout shoes for men.


First of all I remind you one thing, The XF 210 shoes are strictly after functional fitness. Its zero-drop plus no mid-sole deserves to boast of maximum proprioception.. Here you see.

Rope-Tec™ grip ensures superior protection during rope climbing. This shoe is brilliantly durable against the damages due to rope climbing.
As mentioned earlier, its HDP mesh, HD plastic, fabric plus the precise quality rubber are tremendously durable.
Thus it has become a versatile fitness show for crossfit, daily workouts, running, court oriented sports and other activities.


Safety and Comfort:

This inov-8 provides you the natural feel to forget what are on your feet. If you are used to a Zero-Drop minimal shoe, then you are bound to enjoy this pair.
This is specially designed to house your feet with comfort and breathability.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Fortius TR Cross-Training Shoe


ASICS Gel Foritus TR is premierely designed for rope climbing, lifting, cleans and running. This pair is exclusively designed for balancing your feet and an imported mesh refreshes that was never there in place.

Design and Function:

This is best for high-intensity interval crossfit training.

Starting from the front, this shoe has got Rhynoskin toe cap and rubber outsole. This toe cap gives you more durability. These two combine to lead you from the front so that you can lead yourself.
During lifting, the low profile base keeps your feet grounded and that secures you properly you know.
It has emerged in the market with a double stitched quarter platform for giving your foot a massive support in 360 degree movements.
Further, there are the abrasion resistant and medial overlays. For these people understand after they wear this that why this has been enlisted with the best workout shoes for men.


Comfort and Safety:

The synthetic sole and gel cushioning with the imported Airmesh mesh makes it an excellent one to use with ease.

The abrasion resistant quarter panel and the medial overlays make you feel different with its durability.

Vibram FiveFingers KMD Sport Shoe

What if you get a pair that responses the entire anatomy of your feet?
Our feet are connected with many of the sensitive systems of our body. Each of your feet has 26 bones, 20 muscles, 33 joints and a lot of sensory receptors, ligaments and tendons.
That’s why barefoot shoes have been designed and are considered always as one of the good workout shoes for both men and women.

This is particularly aimed at raising your intensity in workouts by increasing the sensitivity of your feet to the surface of contact.

Furthermore, Vibram FiveFingers KMD Support has been added with several utilities and safety that has turned it into one of the best workout shoes for men.

Design and Performance:

The first thing to blow the mind is it’s adaptations for adverse terrains, perhaps you don’t believe at the first introduction!

It can be used all kinds of rough surfaces like road, track and gravel and can be used for satisfactory crossfit and general workout for men. Its underside grip is a master in dry and wet terrains.
The outsole houses separate toe pockets to increase the range of motion during running and workouts. That yields in a better flexibility and you become more agile.


These toe boxes just boost or rocket you ahead while you are sprinting or powering up your run.
As it disperses the weight on your feet and knee in wide range through its midsole of molded TC-1 rubber and the gripping, it has been reviewed in some sites for its weightlifting convenience. You know perhaps that Arnold Schwarzenegger used to lift with five finger shoes in the days of his youth.
Barefoot shoes need more grip. You can exert grip in all directions with its sure-footed grip for its tread design.

Comfort and Safety:

Well, if you are getting to know this shoe for the first time, perhaps you are worrying you may be attacked by the debris and stones for this barefoot shoe.

No way to that worry, a minimalist polyurethane and microfiber combine to form the sole of 2 mm. That’s a master in preventing those impacts. Vibram Five Fingers KMD is designed to improve your sensitivity and performance, not to hurt you!

Another thing that matters most in your mind is perhaps to disperse the impacts over a wider area which will be taken care of by the (molded) TC-1 rubber in the midsole. It has been mentioned already in the performance section; it receives and disperses the load of impact over a larger area.

The upper Nylon Mesh and Polyester Fabric and upper ensure natural breathability meanwhile the Vibram easy and fast lacing provides a secure fit.

Supporting the entire anatomy of your feet and fulfilling the orthopedic needs, Vibram Five Fingers KMD has been rated as one of the best shoes recommended by orthopedic doctors. You run or workout not only for your external fitness only, but to keep yourself fresh anatomically too. So, the choice is yours.