Crossfit Shoes For Women

This is pretty difficult to decide about women’s crossfit shoes. Both designers and Women have to keep in mind that women are more prone to bone decay than men. This is the first and foremost matter for the crossfit shoes for women.

Thus two things come first in designing and developing women’s crossfit shoe, women’s foot anatomy and the bone decay issue. So you have to go through the details and see the feedbacks that how those have satisfied in women’s crossfit activity.

Women’s feet are different than that of men due to separate nature of bones and shapes. So crossfit shoes for women are to be designed with specific parameters. Here the best crossfit shoes for women according to their features and feedback are introduced to you.




ASICS_GEL-Craze_TR_shoe54.418+ASICS GEL-Craze TR 3



Intense training- that’s what the Nike Metcon 2 has been designed for.
Metcon 2 provides specific support for some of the crossfit trainings individually. That has made it so popular yielding this fabulous rating.

This pair has successfully responded to women’s feet in terms of their specific safety and performance. That resulted the fabulous feedback here as one of the best shoes for crossfit for women.

Design &Performance:

It has the flexible forefoot grove to allow and aid your natural movement while sticky rubber forefoot and full-length rubber outsole increases traction and grip.
For heavy lifts, it has a rigid flat heel to give you rigidity.
Rope climbing is aided by METCON 2 with its upper flywire cable that improves the lockdown. You know, lockdown is vital for climbing faster and improving safety.
TPU heel clip of low profile diminishes the drag prominently during wall exercise. That definitely enhances your wall exercise and agility, doesn’t that?

Abrasion resistant film protects the shoe from high thermal friction, if you are thinking for its durability.

Stability/ Safety:

During rope climbing, the rubber midsole panel will secure you while the upper flywire cables aids in good lockdown as mentioned earlier.
Its incredible low heel stabilizes better than ever in box jumps, tire throwing, squats and more.
Farmer “drop-in midsole” in the heel handles the vigor of heavy lifting while it’s softer and becomes more flexible at the forefoot to give the cushioned comfort while you run.



Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 5.0 Training Shoe

This is the lightest yet the toughest and comfortable crossfit shoe for women developed with Kevlar material. The complete upper and especially where you need more support, there is the engineered Kevlar to take care of you.

Reebok Nano 5.0 has been developed for the women who love or want to taste challenge and power under their shoes.

Design &Performance:

The Nano 5.0 is lightweight as well as sturdy having Kevlar, the protective upper material.

The re-engineered shape now fits your foot so far the best with the intricate anatomical design plus a recent contoured heel counter.
Being added with a robust thermoplastic polyurethane shell, that takes care of your medial and lateral movements. Now you are more agile in a wall climb, tire throw or rope climbing and similar challenges.
It has the upper mesh which is open weave for a better breathability experience than before.
Now show them your true skill because the gear that you badly needed has reached you now.




Kevlar material, the extremely durable thing is on the complete upper, there is nothing parallel to it for securing the ultimate protection.
Newly engineered NanoShell midsole is made of strong thermoplastic polyurethane which will support your feet in the medial and lateral movements plus heavy lifts. This will secure your feet with a soft contact even then.

Ryka Influence Shoes For Women:

Ryka thinks for women only. All the needs of women in crossfit, the nature of their feet, stamina and performance are under its research. Its shoes are engineered thus.

This shoe synchronizes all the trainings like all types of crossfit, weightlifting etc. with running. Running is by default the ultimate parameter to judge a shoe though it’s pretty hard in most of the cases to find a crossfit shoe that synchronizes so. This is engineered to ensure all round safety.
It has dual impact midsole which will absorb all the excessive pressure from your feet, thus assists in weightlifting, running and jumping workouts.

That’s why you won’t wake up in the morning with acute pain in the feet.
The Flex-Foil and Direct-Fuse support layers and padded tongue and collar will let you enjoy your crossfit workouts.



The textile inner lining is customized to keep your feet in shape. You won’t feel a harsh feel for that. The breathable mesh is there to keep your feet fresh.
The engineered traction along with front and back reinforcements does a lot to give it a rugged rigidity. Thus it enables you do almost all the trainings like weightlifting, aerobics, tire training, rope climbing, running etc.

Women’s ASICS GEL-Craze TR 3

GEL-CRAZE™ TR 3 from ASICS is a multipurpose shoe alongside the tremendous supportive system plus the utility for extreme crossfit training.
It’s simultaneously a crossfit shoe with perfectly being a cushioned running shoe.

Design &Performance:

I must say this has impressed me. Why? It’s the FluidAxis®. This anatomically supports the foot joints by automatically correcting the deep flex grooves.
Thus you don’t need to bother, rather it responds to your exact load and also the posture changes. Need any other shoe then?
Its midsole material has SpEVA®. That improves bounce back properties. Thus midsole damage is also reduced.
The vital areas of its outsole are secured by AHAR®, it increases the durability.
Women's_ASICS_GEL-Craze_TR 3

Safety and Comfort:

The FluidRide® midsole offers a better cushioning, shock absorbing and more comfort.
There is a lateral outrigging structure which secures the stability for any random and lateral movement. This gives exceptional hold ability.
Rear foot is secured from shock by its Rearfoot GEL®. This cushioning system manages the shock during the impact phase and it effects a smooth transition, to the mid stance.

Inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 195 Cross-Training Shoe

Inov-8_Women's_F-Lite 195_Cross-Training_Shoe
If you are a runner with an efficient gait, stout calves and strong feet, then believe me this is for you. There should be separate crossfit shoes for women who love to feel power under their feet, this is for them.

Design &Performance

While in a hard pack terrain, you will be aided by its 3mm F-Lite sole. It exerts maximum possible traction on that type of ground. The forefoot is very much plyoable due to its Meta-Flex┢ groove of the outsole which is aligned to support the meta-torsal. Thus it enables more agility of your foot.

To make the crossfit training easier, this shoe has RopTec┢ Technology. This technology provides a wider contact area. Thus you get better stability and grip.
This retains energy by reducing fatigue and increases thrust power by Fascia Band┢. What’s your thought now for raising the thrust power and reducing that fatigue in a single pair?

And its internal fitting is mind-blowing as it has reduced the necessity of internal movement.
It has TPU lacing system like all other best crossfit shoes.
Rope climbing is secured by reinforced mid and upper parts those provide the heightened protection.
The webbing of Met- Cradle┢ does to a great extent for your forefoot security. It allows for natural fluid movement.
The insole is removable with 3mm foam. It gives you light cushioning.
Your underfoot sensitiveness is supported by the midsole cushioning of 1 Arrow Shoc-Zone┢.
It’s ideal for runners with strong feet and calves, and an efficient gait.

Saucony Women’s Grid V2 Training Shoe

This is inspired by circuit training, cushioning and safety.


The bunion problem is no more a trouble with this shoe. There is ample room in the toe box for free movement and crossfits.

The outsole with multipurpose fit-trax helps in efficient gripping. It’s sufficient to give you traction in various crossfits and jumping along with its researched sole.

For women with flat feet, this is probably the best choice. These shoes have good arch support for flat feet.

This pair is wonderful company for doing plyo and crossfit workouts involving side to side movements.

Safety and Comfort:

If you are doing crossfits on a concrete or hard floor, then there is no parallel to this pair to give you such marvelous shock absorption. You will feel how much safe one’s knee can be with this.
Saucony Women's Grid V2 Training Shoe
Its synthetic and nylon mesh is fantastic in breathability while the lacing system allows you to fit yourself more than the strapping system.

The zero inches platform measurement helps women out with their sore heel. The rear foot is safeguarded comforted by the grid cushioning system.